Received letter, saying I owe $15,000.00 and would settle for $8,550.00.They want $335.00 per month Program Payment each month.

No # to talk to anyone just the # to activate. Does anyone know who we can report this to? If so please list it here on the comments page. I did call the phone number listed that it said to call, but as an after thought, I may have activated their SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM,SCAM, SCAM, big big scam, SCAM SCAM SCAM.


More than PISSED!!!!!!

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I just reported them to the US Postal service. https://postalinspectors.uspis.gov/contactus/filecomplaint.aspx

Feel free to report them, as they need to be stopped.


I received the same exact letter, with the same exact money "owed." I do not owe anything on any of my credit cards, so I know it is a scam. But it seems that they should be reported since they are using the US Postal service to perpetuate this scam. I will research how to report them, unless anyone else has found some information.

to Willnotbe scammed #756283

Here's the link to report mail fraud: https://postalinspectors.uspis.gov/contactus/filecomplaint.aspx


I received letters from Debt Arbitrators and similar firms off and on as well.I simply shred these letters and throw them in the trash.

Some good advice if you are dealing with credit card debt issues. Either work with your creditors directly, or go through Consumer Credit Counseling Service, rather than to go through ANY debt settlement company that promotes itself via mass mailings, telemarketers, TV and radio commercials, or the Internet to gain clients (or victims). These firms charge outrageous fees, and often cannot deliver the results you hoped for. And many credit card films refuse to work with such firms in the first place.

At least Consumer Credit Counseling Service is non-profit, charges no fees, and is local. Most major cities have Consumer Credit Counseling Service. Even filing for bankruptcy is a better option than going through these scam "debt settlement" firms. I became suspicious of the Debt Associates mailing when I saw a flier inside that also offered merchandise for sale, including Magic Jack Plus, a Caller ID device, a stainless steel wallet, an illuminated magnifier, a wall clock with a hidden safe, a video money management course, and "health and lifestyle benefits", among other things.

Are they a debt-counseling firm or a mail-order house? This smells like a scam to me.

I would advise against using Debt Arbitrators or any such firm.


We got the same letter today with the exact dollar amounts. We do not have any debts.like that owed. I say scam all the way to the bank for them.

The address on the letter is


15851 dallas pkwy ste 600

Addison, tx 75001

Postmarked Santa Ana California

Permit #507

This is what I think they are doing. We just purchased a home in less than a year and they are using the public information from our home purchase. They throe out a number and hope someone will ***. I say if you have credit problems you should contact a not for profit debt arbitrator. Don't give these people in addison a penny and never give your personal info.

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